Ode To Dakota

I had to let go of one of my strongest, most loyal supporters the other day. He was my constant companion; his absence has left me feeling lonely, hollow, and adrift. Ever kind and gentle with feedback and forgiveness, and consistently honest and loyal with commitment and acceptance, he was a demonstration of living in the moment and of staying calm. With contagious courage, he served as a beacon of hope by demonstrating strength, persistence, and stability in the face of uncertainty and physical pain. He was an enduring giver of gifts, I a privileged recipient. In gratitude, I remember the experience of having another living creature love, adore, trust, and accept me unconditionally (perhaps for the first time in my life). Stuck in the quicksand of fear, I wonder if I’ll ever see his likes again. Today, I look for him in his familiar spots in the house or making his “rounds” outside, or I hear his footsteps on the wooden floor as he would often come looking to check on me. Disappointed and saddened, I remember he is gone. I miss him. Letting go has never been my strong suit. Perhaps, he is teaching me still. ❤