Thoughts on Growth and Change

Reflection on Growth and Change

“Insight is cheap” — Ursula Childress

Do I have faith in my ability to grow and change? Unequivocally, the answer is YES! I took out a worn copy of the very first meditation book that I ever used. In fact, I didn’t call it a meditation book; it was just a book that I read with quotes and reflections… An offering from a caring spirit further along in her journey…the year 1987; I picked it up every day because I was drawn to it. Well, that’s not quite accurate. I wasn’t so drawn at first. Overtime, it spoke to me, and I began to turn to it more and more. It is well worn now. I’ve written in it; the pages are worn; some are falling out. In the revisit this morning, I appreciate how much I’ve grown. My purpose in life is to be conscience and openhearted. When I am present enough, I notice destructive beliefs and replace them with healthy patterns of behavior. One old belief that I held was that I was helpless. When I write that now, I can smile. I am a powerful person and not in an aggressive or manipulative way. My power to impact my life and the lives of others lies in my ability to be authentic and vulnerable. I have not made any of these adjustments alone. Along the way, I have created a vibrant community of like-minded, supportive spirits who join me in their own way. I am so grateful. Do you have faith in your ability to grow and change?