“It is the journey that matters in the end.” — Ursula LeGuin

Becoming a mother completely changed my life. For many years, I wanted a family, and, when I finally became a mother, I wasn’t prepared for the life that role would produce. Can anyone ever prepare themselves for an experience that is so transformational? I only knew what I saw through  friends, family, the media, and  my own imagination of what motherhood would be. I imagined something perfect and put-together. What I lived was something entirely different. It was messy, out of control, exhausting, fun, creative, and transformational. As a result of the process of “mothering,” I grew to become a more loving, conscious human being. I was moved along my path to learn about acceptance, peace, and vulnerability. I came to realize the essence of Harry Truman’s desk sign, “The buck stops here.” Today, my daughters are grown, forging lives and families of their own. I catch myself wanting to take responsibility for them, and, sometimes do, only to be reminded by them or some other circumstance that it isn’t my place any more. Perhaps for me, this “letting go” is a process. I am ever-grateful to my daughters for coming into my life and serving as two of my greatest teachers. My heart knew all along what it needed, and it found the perfect people in the end.  



Seven Come Eleven

I just read an essay entitled, ” Ten Signs That Deceased Loved ones Give to Let Us Know They Are Around.” It declares that loved ones who have “crossed over”  are anxious to communicate with us and will often give us signs to let us know they are still with us. I do not believe in ghosts, and I consider myself to be a fairly “grounded” individual. Still, something in me was touched when I read that idea. Something drove me to continue to read. When I read “they” can show us numbers repeatedly, I could feel myself tearing up. I frequently see the numbers 7-11. Has that ever happened to you? In fact, many times I have looked at the clock at 7:11. I have known for some time now that these two numbers don’t keep showing up by accident. I have wondered: Are they my “lucky” numbers? Is this the time of day that I’m going to die or the day that I’m going to die? What is the significance of these two numbers? It has just been a curiosity with me. My father’s birthday is July 12th; one day off of the 7-11 number scheme, and, when I read the article, I couldn’t help but think in my heart that this is a sign from him that he is here in spirit. Even though it isn’t perfect…. he/I have never been perfect. So, they must be the perfect sign from him in the end. ❤ Donna